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Hand therapy is the assessment, education and treatment of hand and upper limb injuries and conditions. Hand Therapy Associates provide all aspects of hand therapy in Sydney. For further information please see below.

measuring finger movement by physiotherapists

Assessment of hand function

Hand therapists have tools to help measure finger range of motion. This helps to provides objective information to monitor improvements.

hand therapy pinch strength

Muscle testing

Pinch and muscle strength can be assessed during your appointment to monitor improvements.

hand therapy monofilament testing

Sensory testing

Sensory testing of the hand can be used to monitor nerve and sensation changes.

hand therapy grip strength measurement

Grip strength test

A dynamometer is used to measure grip strength. This information can be compared to aged normals.

hand therapy scar management

Scar management

Scars are often very sore, thick and raised after surgery. Hand therapy can help this.


Splints or orthosis are customised to each individual by experienced hand physiotherapists in Sydney.

hand therapy spring splints

Dynamic splinting

Spring splints can be used to help stiff joints or assist movement after hand injuries. Our hand therapists can make customised dynamic splints.

hand therapy swelling treatment

Swelling control

Swelling can be minimised with various bandages, massage techniques and compression.

Physiotherapy can treat hand pain

Pain management

Chronic and acute hand pain with or without a hand injury is commonly seen and managed by hand therapists.

casting for fractures and broken bones


Plaster or fibreglass casts are commonly required to be fitted following a broken wrist to help protect healing bones.

Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome


Exercises and stretches are an essential part of physiotherapy. Our certified hand therapists will ensure to provide the most effective home exercises program to maximise results

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome splints and therapy

Sensory education

Fingers and hands can be sensitive to touch after injury or surgery. Hand therapy can help to reduce this sensitivity.


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