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Ray Jongs Hand Physiotherapist

Ray Jongs

Practice Principal
BaAppSci (Physiotherapy) | MPhil (USyd) | Certified Hand Therapist (USA) | Accredited Hand Therapist (as awarded by the Australian Hand Therapy Association)

Ray Jongs is a highly skilled professional who has dedicated his career to hand therapy, having obtained his degree from the prestigious University of Sydney in 1998. He has over 20 years of experience as the Clinical Lead Hand Physiotherapist for the Hand and Peripheral Nerve Unit located at the renowned Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney.

Through his tenure, he has gained immense knowledge and expertise in his field. He has achieved his Master’s degree in Hand Therapy and is passionate about research and teaching. Ray’s commitment to the development of junior hand therapists is evident in his efforts through his fellowship program.

He frequently presents at various meetings and conferences. His unwavering dedication to his profession is reflected in his desire to make a positive impact on the community.

Michele Chim Hand Physiotherapist

Michele Chim

Practice Principal
BaAppSci (Physiotherapy) | Certified Hand Therapist (USA) | Accredited Hand Therapist (as awarded by the Australian Hand Therapy Association) | Deputy Education Officer Australian Hand Therapy Association | Chair of Assessment Committee AHTA

Michele is a highly accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in hand therapy. She has worked at several prominent hand therapy units in Sydney, including North Shore Hand Therapy, Macquarie Hand Unit, and St George Hospital, and has gained valuable expertise from her work overseas at The Chelsea Westminster Hospital and Kings College, London.

As Deputy Education Officer for the Australian Hand Therapy Association and Chair of the Assessment Committee for the AHTA, Michele is committed to providing expert education and training to hand therapists across the country and ensuring the highest standards of clinical competence among hand therapy professionals.

With her extensive qualifications, experience, and leadership skills, Michele is a trustworthy and knowledgeable guide for patients seeking hand therapy.

hand therapist christina mills balmain

Christina Mills

Hand Physiotherapist
BaAppSci (Physiotherapy) | Certified Hand Therapist (USA) | Associate Member of The Australian Hand Therapy Association | Member Australian Physiotherapy Association | AHTA Education Committee Member 

Christina is a highly skilled hand therapist with extensive experience in hand therapy. She graduated from the prestigious University of Sydney in 2005, and since then, has been dedicated to providing top-quality care to her patients.

Notably, Christina is certified as a hand therapist in the USA and is involved in education as a member of the Assessment Group of the Education Committee for the AHTA.

Previously, she had worked extensively for Sydney Hospital and Royal North Shore Hospital, both of which have comprehensive hand surgery and therapy units in NSW.

Christina currently serves as Senior Hand Therapist at Royal North Shore Hospital’s Hand & Peripheral Nerve Unit. Under Christina’s expert guidance and dedication, you can be assured that your hands are in highly capable hands.


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