Waterproof cast care

waterproof casts made by hand therapy associates


Good cast care is an essential element in the effectiveness of your cast. Hand Therapy Associates staff are happy to fabricate plaster and fibreglass casts as required. Depending on the injury they can often be waterproof.

While casting is considered an older style of intervention it is still a very good method for the management of fractures and other conditions.

Please note: the information provide below is general advice only. Please consult your hand physiotherapist for further details.

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hand therapy cast care

Can I get my cast wet?

hand therapy waterproof cast care

• Yes you can get your waterproof cast wet if your Hand Physiotherapist has told you. You should allow the cast and your skin to dry thoroughly before getting the cast wet again.

• Drying time for casts will vary. Most casts will feel dry in one hour.

• Parents or guardians of young children should monitor the condition of the cast and skin under the cast after the child has gotten the cast wet.

• Gravity causes the water to drain from the cast. If your cast is wet, it is important to position your cast so that water will drain out. Arm cast: Hang arm downward and drain from end of cast.

• Ensure that you rinse out the cast thoroughly with clean water after swimming.

• For your safety when swimming, deep water should be avoided.

Please contact us immediately if you feel any of the following

If your cast feels too tight. Nb: swelling around the injury is common & can cause a cast to feel tight for the first 2 days.

• You have continued coldness or discolouration of your casted limb.

• Any pain, numbness or continued tingling of your casted fingers.

• If your skin becomes red, raw.

• Your cast has cracks, soft spots or becomes loose

General Waterproof Cast Care

Move your fingers, elbow and shoulder frequently to prevent swelling and joint stiffness.

• If your cast becomes soiled, clean it with a damp cloth and a small amount of mild detergent.

• Do not pull out the cast padding, break off rough edges or trim your cast or expose the inside of your cast to dirt, sand or powder.

• Please try not to scratch under your cast with anything. This may break the skin and cause infection.

Exercises while in a cast

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